Bintang Badminton

Bintang Badminton

Bintang Badminton

If you are interested in joining the Bintang Badminton Association, you can book a court for a morning or an evening slot. To book a court, use the Widget, which allows you to select the court, start time, and end time, list the players, and pay online with a credit card or Paypal. You must note that the courts are for recreational use only, so you must remain on the court that you’ve reserved. In addition, Bintang Badminton reserves the right to cancel or change your reservation.

Job description for assistant coach

A Bintang badminton job description for an assistant coach may include overseeing coaching duties, recruitment, and selection, respect for diversity, and long-term program development. This position may also require IT skills, communication skills, health, and safety training, and knowledge of Microsoft Office. It may also include managing funding for individual performers.

As the team’s assistant coach, you will be responsible for supporting the head coach by performing administrative tasks, scheduling practices and games, maintaining training equipment, recruiting and supervising team members, maintaining records, and maintaining team facilities. Your primary goal as an assistant coach will be to support the head coach and make sure that the entire team stays on track.

Court reservations              

Court reservations are essential for those who want to play the game at a specific time. They allow members and non-members to reserve a specific court for a specified period of time. To make a reservation, members can sign up for an account, select the desired date and time, and select the court they wish to reserve. Once the reservation is made, players should arrive at the designated court five to 10 minutes before the reserved time.

Court reservations are only available for play on certain days, and must be made by 8 am or 3 pm. The Widget for court reservations will allow you to select a court, choose the start and end time, and enter all players. You can also make payments through PayPal or a credit card. Court reservations are not for private lessons, and the venue reserves the right to change or cancel reservations without notice.

The Bintang Badminton Sunnyvale facility is located right off HWY-880, behind FryaEUR(TM)s Electronics. It features eleven courts and over 24,000 square feet of space. The facility features professional lighting, high ceilings, and a nice pro shop. It also serves the nearby cities of Campbell and Cupertino.


The Bintang Badminton Academy is a great place to learn how to play the game. The school offers beginner classes for those who are new to the sport and intermediate classes for those who have some previous experience. Beginner classes focus on basic skills, while intermediate classes focus on advanced footwork and shots. These classes are held monthly and are geared toward improving players’ skills.

Zhou started playing badminton at the age of six when he was introduced to it by his grandfather. He initially played for fun in parks, setting up nets. However, he soon started competing and joined Campbell’s Bintang Badminton Academy’s junior team. He competed in his first tournament at age 10 and became a member of the academy’s more competitive team a year later.

The school is run by two professional badminton players. One is Coach Charles, who was a member of the Chinese National Badminton Team from 2002 to 2014. Another instructor is Coach Anggie, a former Malaysian national player. Her background in international competitions has given her extensive experience in teaching the sport. She encourages her students to develop resilience and courage.

If you’re new to the sport, you can join a beginner badminton class at Bintang Badminton Academy. These classes are led by experienced coaches who have coached the local junior competition team. The classes are held on a monthly basis and are designed for beginners who want to improve their badminton skills.

Bintang Badminton Campbell is located conveniently near HWY-880, behind Fry’s Electronics. It is the first large badminton facility in the northern California region. The center features eleven courts and an on-site pro shop. The center is expected to double in size in the near future.

Beginner class

Open gym sessions are also an option for beginners. Many players will play at an open gym session to relieve stress, hone their skills, and meet new friends. Players can also sign up for open gym sessions at Bintang Badminton Academy on occasion. Alternatively, they can take a private lesson.

The beginner class at Bintang Badminton Academy is conducted by Coach Toby, a world-renowned badminton player. He was the top men’s singles player in the Philippines for eight years between 2007 and 2014. Coach Toby has a natural talent for badminton, and has spent years perfecting his skills. He’s ready for any challenge and loves passing on his knowledge to the next generation of budding badminton players.

Team training

Team training for Bintang badminton is for students who have committed themselves to the sport and wish to compete at a high level. The training includes three sessions a week. Admission into the team is at the coaches’ discretion and is subject to evaluation. To find out more about the policies and requirements of the team, contact the staff at the school.

Team training for Bintang badminton comprises three main parts. The first one involves getting together with teammates. Team members get to know each other through the various activities that the club organizes. The other half of the training involves competing in tournaments. At these events, players from badminton clubs all over the world congregate at one gym to compete against each other.

After competing at the USA Open in 2006, Chandra began coaching in the USA. He started his coaching career at the BBC in Menlo Park. Currently, he coaches more than 40 students, and his training program involves body conditioning, technical work, and mental preparation. This approach is unique to badminton because it involves the entire person.

Company’s mission

Bintang badminton’s mission is to create an environment where the sport can thrive. The club’s members were originally high school students who wanted to play badminton. The club’s mission was to help these students reach their goals by providing the proper equipment and training. Coaches were only allowed a limited amount of time with each student, so they had to find the best way to maximize their time with them. The coaches saw the rewards when students grew taller than their coaches and beat high-level players.

Since it opened its doors in December 2001, the Bintang Badminton Academy has been making the sport more accessible for many people. The academy began with just a few students and one dedicated coach. Back then, students were trained on cement floors, where lines were marked by tape. Eventually, the school expanded to three courts, and students were able to train on indoor sports flooring. The walls of the academy were painted a lavender blue color. The academy has since attracted many new students, who now practice the sport on a regular basis.

The facility is located in Sunnyvale, near the Moffett Field Business Park. It is the first dedicated badminton facility in the Northern California area. With close to sixteen thousand square feet of space, it is a perfect location for badminton players. The facility also has a pro shop for players who want to buy equipment and accessories. Hopefully, the facility will double in size in the near future.

Its location in Milpitas

Bintang badminton’s location offers many benefits to badminton enthusiasts. Aside from multiple courts and lessons, the location also sells badminton gear. The friendly staff at Bintang badminton is also willing to help you with equipment and apparel purchases.

The location offers plenty of parking and is located in Milpitas, a suburb of San Jose. It offers multiple indoor courts for badminton. It also offers lessons and a pro shop to purchase badminton gear. However, it is worth noting that the facility has declined in recent years.

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