Hardshell Phone Cases

Hardshell Phone Cases

Hardshell Phone Cases

Hardshell phone cases are generally less shock-absorbing than soft ones, though you may want to go for a thicker case if you’re concerned about your phone’s safetyThere are many factors to consider when shopping for a hardshell phone case. Consider the style and durability of the case, as well as its impact-absorbing bumper and rubberized exterior. A high-end hard shell case will protect your phone in all of these ways, but a cheap one will have limited features. If you are unsure of the type of case you need, read on to learn more. These factors will make your choice easier.

Rubberized exterior

Unlike typical cases, hardshell phone cases have a rubberized exterior that prevents scratches and other damages. These cases are made of an exterior hard shell and a liner of elastomeric material. The liner protects the device from impacts and prevents it from detaching from the case. It also keeps the phone safe from everyday drops. This material is very strong and is available in a variety of colors and styles.

The protective case 10 includes an external hard shell layer 12 and a second, elastomeric layer 13. These two layers may be attached to one another by various methods. The elastomeric layer 13 is used as a framework to secure the device 19. It also provides undercuts to secure the device. The case is designed to protect the device from scratches and prevent it from sliding off of a table.

In addition to offering better protection, hardshell phone cases are often less expensive than soft shells. They also look nice, which many people prefer over the less expensive plastic versions. Besides that, these cases aren’t as easily recyclable as hard shells. You may need to take your phone to a specialized recycling service for recycling it. Some eco-friendly cell phone cases are compostable, meaning they naturally degrade into non-toxic materials. These cases are made by the Pela brand, which is known for its lightweight and durability.

Having a rubberized exterior on a hard shell phone case can increase protection by absorbing shock and reducing the risk of accidental drops. However, a rubberized case will add bulk and make your phone feel uncomfortably heavy in your pocket. This can be uncomfortable for some users. It’s important to note that some hard shell cases have plugs to seal the ports, which will minimize damage from liquids.

Impact-absorbing bumper

A Hard-Shell phone case offers high-fashion protection with an impact-absorbing bumper and an anti-scratch TPU frame. The case is designed with a shock-absorbing frame to deflect forces away from the phone. These cases come in a variety of styles and colors. Whether you want to protect your phone from scratches or get a new look, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your style and budget.

The Survivor is designed to survive life’s challenges. It offers 20-foot drop protection and military-grade impact-absorbing technology. It also has a raised bezel to protect the screen and is designed to protect the camera. This case is also compatible with wireless chargers and features accurate cutouts and a silky surface. Its slick design prevents scratches and offers anti-fingerprint protection.

Another iPhone case that offers high-quality protection is the Mkeke case. It features a slim design and a transparent back for a flattering effect. It’s made of PC and TPU and is designed to protect an iPhone 13 Pro. The case features precise cutouts for all buttons and ports. It also has an antimicrobial and eco-friendly finish. It also offers a great way to show off your phone’s good looks.

Other hard-shell phone cases are made of polycarbonate and are durable enough for your phone to survive several drops. Fortunately, some of them are recyclable. Speck and Otterbox both produce cases with a recycled polycarbonate shell. And there are many other companies that make similar cases. Buying one from a reputable brand is the best way to ensure your device’s safety. When it comes to protecting your phone, there’s no reason to settle for inferior quality.

Stylized exterior

A cell phone protector case is made of an interior hard shell and an exterior soft shell. The exterior soft shell is characterized by three protrusions on each side. The protrusions are designed to protect the phone’s operating touch screen 910.

Combination cases combine a hard case with a soft interior. This extra layer provides more insulating properties, prevents battery-generated heat from escaping, and helps the hard exterior redistribute force from falls. Combination cases absorb blows without bending and redistribute force into the soft layer. However, they are a compromise between wobbly absorption and a limited redistribution of force provided by a hard case.


Hardshell phone cases are generally less shock-absorbing than soft ones, though you may want to go for a thicker case if you’re concerned about your phone’s safety. While plastic and rubber are both durable materials, they’re susceptible to UV rays and can become damaged over time. Although rubber is more durable than plastic, it can dry out over time. Therefore, it’s important to choose a case with a high water-resistance rating.

While the Survivor case is functional, it is also fashionable and iridescent. It comes with an iridescent finish that changes color with the light. It is also designed to protect your phone from drops up to ten feet. The Survivor case has four layers of protection, including hard and soft bio-resins, as well as a textured back for a secure grip. Its features include an anti-scratch coating and a lifetime warranty. Another plus is the quality of the cutouts and button covers.

Material phone cases

The toughest hard phone cases are usually made from polycarbonate. This material is highly durable and can withstand much harder impacts and scratches. Some are even able to protect against water and dust. Tough phone cases are a great choice for active people or parents with young children. They also offer peace of mind. However, some people may prefer a silicone case, which is flexible and light. But whatever your choice, make sure you get one that’s tough enough for your needs.

There are many different types of hardshell phone cases. The best kind for you depends on your budget and personal preference. However, hard cases tend to be more expensive than soft ones. While soft cases are lightweight, they do not provide as much protection. Furthermore, they can easily warp or stretch with time. And if you’re concerned about the weight, you might want to opt for a hard case. There are also cases made of silicone, which give an excellent grip.


Depending on the model of your phone, hardshell cases may be a necessity, or they may be an optional extra. While hard shells offer the best protection for your phone, soft shells are less expensive and easier to find. Hardshell cases, on the other hand, are more difficult to find. Here are some tips for purchasing a hard shell case for your phone. Before purchasing a hard shell, consider the features that you want your case to offer.

A good case protects your phone and can be customized to match your style. Some are made of two pieces, with a hard outer shell and a lip that extends over the edge. Others are soft inside and contain a polycarbonate layer. Consider your own style and where you’ll use your phone the most. Hardshell phone cases also protect your phone against smudges and fingerprints. Some of them are customized to match your brand.

Hardshell phone case

If you’re shopping for a hardshell phone case, be sure to know the model of your phone. Selecting the wrong model will not only limit the level of protection offered, but it will also make it difficult to use the phone properly. You can find the model number of your phone in the “About” section of your phone. Alternatively, you can ask your phone store to help you determine the model number. Hardshell phone cases don’t have physical screen protectors but do feature raised edges that prevent direct contact with most surfaces.

Combination cases are a good option if you need a tough case for your phone. Many of these cases offer a softer interior than a hard case and a belt holster for added protection. Generally, combination cases offer the best protection compared to hard cases but are bulkier and less flexible. Hard cases can absorb shock without bending, but they offer only limited redistribution compared to a soft interior.

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