How to Achieve the Wicks Hairstyle

Wicks Hairstyle

How to Achieve the Wicks Hairstyle

The wicks hairstyle is a popular hairstyle that originated in South Florida. It is typically worn by African-Americans and others of Afro-Caribbean heritage. Many members of the Florida Hip-Hop community also sport this style. There are a few different methods to create wicks, including Freeform, Rubberband, Crochet, and Combining.

Freeform wicks

A freeform wicks hairstyle can be achieved in a variety of ways. One method involves washing and leaving the hair to grow naturally, with no special styling. The second method, known as the crochet method, involves combining the existing dreadlocks using rubber bands. This method is the most commonly used method and is characterized by its loose and untamed appearance, similar to Bob Marley’s loss.

The hairstyle is a popular choice among African-Americans in South Florida. To begin, loose hair is braided into tiny cornrows. Next, a small piece of cloth is rolled and inserted through the center of each braid, creating a small ponytail that resembles the wick of a candle.

The amount of wicks needed depends on the length and volume of your hair. You should aim for approximately six inches of length for this style to work. If you don’t have this length, consider using a wig or hair extension to mimic the look. For a more natural look, you can buy pre-made extensions or grow your own hair.

A wicks hairstyle is easy to maintain. A thin comb will help you tame the wicks. You can also use a rat tail comb to remove any entrapped dirt particles. You can also add colored jewelry to the ends of your wicks. However, you must ensure that you do not pull on the wicks too tightly. This may cause discomfort or damage.

Combining locs

Combining locs into a wicks hairstyle is an easy way to create a neat, clean style for your hair. It is possible for you to combine up to four lots into one style. The key is to keep your hair length and density consistent. Using a rubber band will help you to do this. It is important to use the same size rubber bands for each section to prevent them from locking together.

Once you have the basic wick hairstyle, you can incorporate other styles into it. For example, a purple wick style will look ultra-modern. This style also features a short shaggy style at the top. You can also mix in short layers of natural hair to add an androgynous charm.

A dreadlock comb works well for this hairstyle. It works well for long hair with long wicks. Simply hold the top section of dreadlocks with a rubber band and comb the rest into a beehive design. This style is a great option for wearing your wicks in a more casual way.

The wicks hairstyle has a history rooted in South Florida and is now becoming an incredibly popular trend. The term wick loss is derived from the wick of a candle that stays straight instead of drooping over. While the name may seem mysterious, this hairstyle has become a fashionable and convenient inspiration for loc styling.

Rubberband method

To create the wicks hairstyle using the rubberband method, start by separating your hair into sections. Then, apply rubber bands at the roots of each section. Make sure to keep your wicks even in size. After applying the bands, leave them for three to four weeks. After this period, you can remove the rubber bands and wash your hair.

The rubberband method is a great way to achieve a wicks hairstyle on loose afro hair. To create this look, you need to first group your hair into sections and apply rubber bands to each section. After applying rubber bands to your hair, wait three weeks and then wash and check for wicks.

The number of wicks you apply will depend on your hair volume and texture. You’ll need about six inches of hair to achieve a neat wicks hairstyle. A hair expert can help you get the right amount of wicks for your hair type. Make sure you consult with a hairstylist before you try this method.

When choosing a wicks hairstyle, you should consider your style and personality. The wicks hairstyle is popular among African-Americans in South Florida. This hairstyle looks great with loose hair braided into small cornrows. The hair is then wrapped around a small piece of cloth and rolled up. This creates a tiny ponytail that looks like a wick in a candle.

Crochet method

The most popular way to achieve a wicks hairstyle is to rubber band or crochet the locks. This method creates neat, clean dreadlocks, and can be done quickly. The hair will not have to be dried and conditioned, and it is safe to use and does not damage the hair. The wicks hairstyle can be achieved in various styles, so you can choose one that matches your personality.

The first step is to section a section of hair that is the same width as the dreadlocks. Next, use a crochet hook to hook into the natural hair. Use a double or triple-prong crochet needle to create the external shape and internal structure of the wicks.

You can also use single, double, or triple-prong crochet needles to create wicks. The key is to pull the crochet tool in and out of the section. Once you’ve done this, the hair will fuse into a cylindrical shape. When done correctly, you should have a wick that is approximately one to two inches long and two inches wide.

A wicks hairstyle is a popular Afro-Caribbean style. It is mostly worn by African-Americans. It is associated with the Hip-Hop culture in Florida. The wicks can be created with the use of a crochet needle or a rubber band. Using a crochet needle allows the wick to look clean and tidy. The second method is to use rubber bands to fuse the wicks together. This method creates a neat habit while maintaining the natural texture of the hair.


The Congos hairstyle consists of dreadlocks made from four to ten wicks that are tied together to create a long, flowing dreadlock. These dreads can be woven or tied as many times as you want. These dreads are one of the thickest types of dreadlocks and can cover the entire head. If you’d like to create your own dreadlocks, you can use either a rubber band or a wick to tie them together.

The Congos hairstyle is very unique and has become a popular hairstyle for black people. It is formed by joining two or more dreads at the root to create a dreadlock pattern that resembles spider legs. In order to achieve this unique style, around three inches are left out of the ends.

The hairstyle of the Congos has a history of encoding memory and social status. The Luba women of the Congo wore their hair in different ways to express their status, marital background, and occupation. Their hairstyle was also used to make them stand out during festivals and warfare. Today, many Congolese citizens and artists still use this hairstyle to express their individuality.

Those who want to adopt the Congos hairstyle must practice regular grooming and conditioning. It is recommended that you use natural dreadlock products to help keep your congo locks moisturized. These products will also keep the individual dreadlocks from sticking together. This hairstyle can be difficult to undo without damaging individual dreadlocks.

Kodak Black’s wicks

Kodak Black is perhaps most well known for his wicked dreadlocks. However, after his arrest and subsequent jail time, his dreads were cut short. However, he soon attached them back to his hair. As a result, his dreads now look very different than they did when he was in prison.

The wick dreads style is one of the thickest dreads you can wear and can be as long as ten strands. The wicks hairstyle was first seen in South Florida but gained national attention once celebrities started sporting them. This hairstyle is also commonly referred to as a glob. Today, people are wearing these hairstyles as a part of their identity.

The wicks hairstyle is one of the most popular African-American hairstyles in South Florida. To achieve this look, you have to grow out your hair to around 6 inches. This length of hair is necessary for creating a neat wicks style, as short hair may not look as neat. However, if your hair is too short for this style, you can opt to get hair extensions instead. Pre-made wick hair extensions can help you achieve the look at home.

You can also try the crochet needle method. This method involves crocheting two or more wicks together with a crochet needle. This method leaves the wicks looking clean and healthy.

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