Zips Car Wash Expands Into Dallas-Fort Worth Market

Zips Car Wash

Zips Car Wash Expands Into Dallas-Fort Worth Market

Zips Car Wash has recently raised a significant amount of capital from Atlantic Street Capital. The investment will allow the company to expand its nationwide footprint while building its brand. While the company is now backed by a new investor, founder Jeff Maurer will retain a significant ownership stake. In addition to the new investors, Zips has retained BlackArch Partners as its exclusive financial advisor.

Rocket Express Car Wash

The fast-growing carwash chain ZIPS Car Wash has acquired the Rocket Express Car Wash chain, which has five locations in Utah and Idaho. This acquisition marks the first step in ZIPS’ plans to expand into the western markets. The acquisition brings Zips’ total number of locations to 226 across 22 states.

ZIPS Car Wash is a multi-brand business that offers full-service, fast-paced car wash experiences. Its patented tunnels are some of the longest in the industry, powered by cutting-edge technologies. It also offers unlimited lanes for club members, and a focus on excellence in its business model has been rewarded with awards and recognition in each community it serves. These awards include the Idaho Statemen’s Best of Treasure Valley Award, Readers’ Choice Awards, and Best of Salt Lake City.

Four Seasons Car Wash

The ZIPS Car Wash chain has announced its expansion into the Dallas-Fort Worth market. In the past sixty days, the company has acquired three locations from Four Seasons Car Wash, eight from Time to Shine Car Wash, and two from Fast Lane Car Wash. The company is expanding to more than two dozen locations in the state, with plans to open more locations in the coming years.

Located in Minnesota, Four Seasons Car Wash is a chain of express exterior carwashes. The company was founded in 2010 by Nate Pierson. The company is owned by Atlantic Street Capital. Amplify Car Wash Advisors represented the seller in the transaction. The company has also represented other car wash businesses, including Busy Bee Car Wash in the Miami area.

Time to Shine Car Wash

The Time to Shine car wash at Zips is an industry leader with express carwash services, unlimited wash club, and free self-serve vacuums. Whether you want to wash your car for the first time or you want to add it to your unlimited wash club, Zips has it all.

Founded in 2004, Zips Car Wash now has 226 locations in 22 states. In the last 60 days, the company has acquired three stores from Four Seasons Car Wash and eight from Time to Shine Car Wash. The company also bought two locations from Fast Lane Car Wash in Texas.

Founded in Missouri in 2006, Time to Shine car wash has expanded across the country to 64 locations. It operates in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, and Iowa. It is partnered with Red Dog Equity LLC, an Atlanta-based private equity firm. Founded by Chip Hackett and Gary Dennis, Time to Shine has been able to capitalize on the growing convenience of carwashing.

In addition to basic car washing, Zips also offers tire shines, a self-serve wheel cleaner, and a spot-free rinse. Additional services such as air drying are available at retail prices. Membership plans are also available at discounted prices for multiple cleanings or monthly cleanings.

If you’d rather cancel your membership, Zips offers a cancellation process that is easy to follow. You’ll need to visit one of the company’s branches and be sure to bring your credit card, ID, or other relevant documentation with you. If you’re unable to complete the process on the first visit, you can send an email to Zips and cancel your membership.

Fast Lane Car Wash

Fast Lane Car Wash at Zips is a great way to have your car clean without the hassle of doing it yourself. They offer clean towels for your convenience and wash your car quickly. Unlike many other car washes, you can also wash your car at Zips after hail damage. Not only is Zips convenient and fast, but the location is also great. I washed my car here after hail damage and it was quick and easy. In addition, I love that I never have to wait for a long time. I also appreciate that they have a good team of professionals who clean your car with care.

Fast Lane Car Wash at ZIPS offers great customer service and a clean car wash for a reasonable price. Its convenient locations make it easy to get in and out of the facility. Unlike other car washes, Zips provides protection for your car by using advanced technology. The wash is free of any chemicals, and the car will be free of dirt, grime, and other debris. You can purchase Zips Unlimited Car Wash Club cards at your local Zips Car Wash. The club can be used on one vehicle at a time or transferred to other vehicles. You can also cancel your membership at any time. The Zips website also allows online payments for the Unlimited Car Wash Club.

You can cancel your membership online or in person at any branch of Zips Car Wash. The cancellation process is easy and hassle-free. Most requests are processed within 72 hours to three business days. However, you should make sure to contact Zips at least one week before the annual billing date of your membership to avoid any issues.

Four Seasons

Four Seasons Car Wash is now part of ZIPS Car Wash, a growing chain with over two hundred locations in 22 states. The chain has been growing in recent years, adding eight new stores in the past 60 days, and is now positioned to continue to expand. With a focus on express car wash, ZIPS offers a quick, high-quality experience.

Zips is owned by Atlantic Street Capital and operates 235 car washes throughout the United States. Its headquarters is located in Plano, Texas, and it maintains offices in Arkansas. This move allowed the company to better manage its growing network of car washes. The company began with two locations and now boasts more than three million customers and 235 locations in 24 states.

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